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5 Lean Manufacturing Methods

Posted by iGAM on Apr 12, 2021 9:15:00 AM

“There is always space for improvement, no matter how long you've been in the business.” —Oscar De La Hoya 

While manufacturing isn’t much like boxing, De La Hoya’s words apply to every pursuit. Every production line can be improved upon to increase efficiency. 

One way of doing this is through lean manufacturing. There are dozens of methods to choose from; selecting one and applying it rigorously could boost productivity in your facility. 

Learn more about lean manufacturing and the five methods we listed below. 

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Product Spotlight: Omron F3SN-A0757P25-L/ F3SN-A0757P25-D Light Curtain Pairings

Posted by iGAM on Apr 7, 2021 9:00:00 AM

Safety around heavy machinery is a must. Light curtains offer an ingenious—and inexpensive—way to protect your employees. 

OSHA, the Occupational and Safety Health Administration, makes a big deal about workplace safety, and for good reason. Every year, thousands of workers sustain serious injuries, such as amputations, due to improper machine guarding. 

Light curtains are a simple solution to this problem. Learn more about how light curtains work and how to buy a light curtain at iGAM below! 

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Deal of the Month: Get 20% Off Our Entire Electrical Components Category

Posted by iGAM on Apr 1, 2021 10:00:00 AM

This month, iGAM is offering an additional 20 percent off our Electrical Components category. 

It’s our passion to provide small and large manufacturing companies alike with opportunities to grow their company. That’s why, at iGAM, we offer a Deal of the Month so you can automate your facility with affordable equipment. 

Throughout April, our entire Electrical Components category is on sale. Shop hundreds of items, from PLCs to safety scanners, to improve your production processes today. 

Learn more about our Electrical Components sale and how you can enhance your facility below. 

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What's Trending in Robotics in 2021?

Posted by iGAM on Mar 29, 2021 9:45:00 AM

After the pandemic, a surge in robotics innovations showed how humans can be resilient with the help of automation. 

More and more manufacturers have been adopting industrial automation in the past ten years. Even other industries, like medicine, have added robots to improve their processes. 

This year is one of the best years to start automating because of recent developments in robotics. Learn more about why you should automate your business in 2021 below. 

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Product Spotlight: Harrington MR020L Hoist

Posted by iGAM on Mar 24, 2021 9:10:00 AM

Hoists offer a simple solution for lifting heavy, awkward equipment or objects. 

Humans and industrial robots have their limitations, especially when it comes to heavy lifting. 

Even the strongest industrial robot will struggle to lift a load with weight that is unevenly distributed. These cumbersome objects can cause your productivity to plummet. 

Thankfully, hoists can easily lift these types of objects without putting anyone’s safety at risk. Learn more about hoists and where to get one at iGAM below. 

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Supporting Women in Manufacturing

Posted by iGAM on Mar 22, 2021 9:30:00 AM

iGAM is celebrating Women’s History Month this March by discussing the importance of women in the manufacturing industry. 

Women’s History Month provides us with an opportunity to shine a light on women’s triumphs throughout the centuries, as well as think of ways to support women’s equality today. 

In manufacturing, women make up less than one-third of the manufacturing workforce. How can we encourage women to start their careers in manufacturing? 

Learn iGAM’s tips on how to provide an environment that invites and supports women below. 

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Product Spotlight: 26' KUKA RTU

Posted by iGAM on Mar 17, 2021 10:15:00 AM

An easy way to increase productivity without adding industrial robots to your facility is by installing an RTU on the warehouse floor. 

If you are in the early stages of automation and want to improve your processes, then consider adding an RTU to your facility. 

As we explain below, RTUs provide many benefits to manufacturers looking to lean up their production line without breaking the budget. 

Read on to learn more about iGAM’s 26’ KUKA RTU and how it will transform your facility! 

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This is the Key to Business Growth in 2021

Posted by iGAM on Mar 15, 2021 9:30:00 AM

2020 was a difficult year that challenged every industry. Now, in 2021, businesses are encouraged to implement this one tool to restore growth. 

Business owners who lasted through the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic are resilient. They survived through one of the toughest markets in history, struggling through shuttered doors and a drop-off in consumer activity. 

However, this year, businesses need to start using automation to stay competitive. In a world where faster is better, automation offers a way to increase efficiency. 

Learn more about why (and how) you should automate below. 

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Product Spotlight: UAS BDC-22 Baghouse Dust Collector System

Posted by iGAM on Mar 10, 2021 9:45:00 AM

Dust might seem like it's only a nuisance, but letting dust go unchecked in manufacturing environments can be dangerous. 

A safe work environment is a productive work environment. There’s a lot that goes into maintaining safe work conditions in manufacturing, and that includes air quality and dust levels. 

Dust may seem innocent, but it’s not, as we illustrate below. 

Check your dust levels and learn more about iGAM’s UAS BDC-22 Baghouse Dust Collector System to keep your facility clean. 

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Before and After Refurbishing with iGAM

Posted by iGAM on Mar 8, 2021 11:30:24 AM

Check out these before and after pictures of iGAM refurbishing orders.  

Investing in refurbishment has huge benefits for your company: it keeps your employees safe, improves production output, and helps you save money down the road. 

Are you uncertain about whether you should refurbish your equipment yet? Check out the benefits of refurbishing below! 

Plus, check out these real before and after pictures of customers who have used iGAM’s Repair Services to see the difference in equipment performance. 

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