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    3 Best Practices for Maintaining Industrial Robots

    Posted by iGAM on Feb 1, 2022 11:02:30 AM


    Deferring maintenance schedules for your industrial robots puts your production line at risk of increased maintenance costs and low productivity. Here are three maintenance practices every facility leader should know.

    Industrial robots are among the greatest assets in a production line.

    Just like any other asset, they require constant maintenance and repair services to function at 100 percent for as long as possible.

    Knowing the best practices on how to maintain and handle any issue that might arise in regards to your industrial robot can save you both time and money.

    Learn more about best practices for industrial robot maintenance below.

    Best Practices for Maintaining Industrial Robots

    Here are the best maintenance practices that you should follow to ensure your industrial robots are always in perfect working condition.

    • Keep a regular maintenance schedule

    Every successful maintenance program begins with a strict schedule, which includes adhering to factory-recommended maintenance intervals, which may vary depending on different work environment concerns such as dust, snow, and humidity.

    Every industrial robot needs constant maintenance services to ensure top-level performance throughout the production line. When robots don't get regular maintenance checks, some of the components and parts might break down or malfunction, causing a slowdown or total shutdown of your entire production line.

    Each round of maintenance should include checking on the robot's grease levels, cleaning up the joints and cabinets, replacing worn-out parts as needed, cycling the robot to check for inefficiencies, among other suggestions made by the robot manufacturer.

    • Train your employees on how to operate industrial robots effectively.

    Knowledgeable industrial robot operators are more productive and tend to cause less wear on the robots compared to an untrained operator. Knowledgeable robot operators also tend to create a safer working environment for themselves and others working nearby.

    Educating your workers on how to maintain an industrial robot properly should be part of your regular maintenance program, as educated workers will save you money in repairs and replacements.

    Industrial robot operator training should include a review of the operator's manual and a demonstration of how different commands and controls work. Training should be accompanied by testing whether the operators have acquired the necessary skill.

    • Document your robot’s service history

    _rj3ib_controller fanuc robotKeeping detailed service records should be part of your regular maintenance plan, as it is impossible to keep track of what service a particular robot has received, all in your mind.

    Having documented service records is crucial in providing a clear picture of a specific industrial robot history. For example, the maintenance history should include the date of the service, what servicing was performed, what parts were replaced, and the date of the next maintenance service.

    Service records are not just a chronological record of the maintenance history of your industrial robots but also proof that your robots have been maintained as per the manufacturer's recommendation. This is important for keeping track of the robot's operations and also acts as evidence in case of a warranty claim dispute that mechanical failure was caused by negligence to perform the required maintenance.

    Benefits of industrial maintenance

    Why should you maintain your industrial robot?

    Experience the following benefits when you stick to a regular maintenance schedule in your facility.

    • Extend usable life

    One of the most important benefits that are associated with a strict maintenance schedule is lengthened lifespan for your industrial robots. Keeping your robots in perfect condition allows them to run for longer and at lower operating costs, increasing the ROI on your purchase.

    • Lower the risk of breakdowns

    r-2000ib-210f fanuc robotHaving regular maintenance services for your robots lowers the risk of breakdowns rather than waiting to perform repairs when the robots experience issues.

    It isn't common for industrial robots parts to wear out after proper use and proper maintenance, which means that most mechanical problems experienced by your industrial robots can be detected early and prevented with a good maintenance plan and schedule in place.

    Keeping a proactive maintenance schedule drastically lowers the risk of your robots failing.

    • Increase efficiency

    Apart from running longer, industrial robots that receive routine maintenance services run more efficiently: fewer slowdowns, less unnecessary movement, and full range of motion are promoted with regular maintenance.

    • Reduce unplanned downtime

    Planned downtime to perform unscheduled maintenance is inevitable. However, unplanned downtime is drastically reduced when regular maintenance is performed, which is far more costly than planned downtime.

    • Improve resale value

    Having a strict maintenance schedule for your industrial robots keeps the robots in perfect working condition and improves the robot's resale value. Since with constant maintenance history, an industrial robot resale price tends to be much higher than one without any maintenance history.

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