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7 Reasons Your Manufacturing Company Needs a 3D Printer

Posted by iGAM on Jul 6, 2020 4:37:35 PM

3D Printer3D printing is a booming market: in 2018, over 3.3 billion dollars of revenue was generated with 3D printers by companies in the United States.

Because 3D printers are becoming easier to use and cheaper to make, more companies are enlisting them in their manufacturing facilities.

If you don’t have a 3D printer on your production line yet, consider the advantages of having one below!

Advantages to Using a 3D Printer

1. Cost reduction

It’s more expensive to run a traditional manufacturing line that has large equipment. One line requires a staff of professional machinists, engineers, and programmers to manage production.

With a 3D printer, one operator is needed to run the printer. You will also need a product designer, but if you run a manufacturing company, it’s likely you already have one. By only needing one person to manage the printer, you cut costs on human labor.

2. Reduced waste

3D printers are more efficient than traditional manufacturing equipment by using only the material that passes through the printer. This reduces the cost of production even more, as well as decreases your company’s carbon footprint for a more environmentally responsible production process.

3. No need for extra storage space

One of the greatest benefits of 3D printers is that they allow you to produce goods on an as-needed basis. That means you don’t have to store equipment and materials until someone makes a purchase. This cleans up your facility, reduces overproduction costs, and provides a safer environment to work in.

4. Easy to operate

The great thing about 3D printers is that they are simple to operate. You don’t have to hire someone with an engineering degree to run the printer, so you cut costs on hiring labor. Designing for a 3D printer can be more complicated depending on the software you use, but you can choose software like Tinkercad to simplify the design process.

5. Faster production rate

Some of the fastest 3D printers today produce materials at up to 150 mm/s! Because of a 3D printer’s efficiency, you can produce materials at a faster rate than with a traditional manufacturing line. Turnaround for design and tools is faster as well, allowing manufacturers to move on to the next production step without delay.

6. Freedom for creative and custom designs

You have total flexibility to submit a custom design into a 3D printer. This provides complete freedom for creativity, allowing producers to tweak designs to make them more efficient and effective.  

7. Reduced risk

There is less overall risk to produce prototypes with a 3D printer, as shown in the advantages above. You won’t waste time, materials, and money on a trial product because of the speed, efficiency, and resourcefulness of a 3D printer.

3D printers are highly efficient, miniature manufacturing plants.

With a 3D printer, the capabilities of a large manufacturing line are possible within a small and neat container. They offer a faster production rate, reduced costs, storage, risk, and waste, and provide freedom for custom designs. Join the ranks of companies that see major profits from these machines and add a 3D printer to your line today.

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