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iGAM is attending IMTS 2022

iGAM Customer Testimonial: Sculpturist Company Neoset Designs

Why You Should Consider Used Equipment in Your Work Cell

What are the Capabilities of Industrial Robots?

9 New Custom Weld Cell Designs to Boost Production

3 Best Practices for Maintaining Industrial Robots

Deal of the Month: Manufacturing Equipment Fall Sale

Deal of the Month: 25% Off SRA166-01 Nachi Robots with FD Controllers

Deal of the Month: 25% Off All KUKA Robots

5 Simple Ways to Save Money on Automation

All About Welding Equipment

Deal of the Month: 25% Off All ABB Robot Models

Product Spotlight: SICK S30A-7011CA Safety Laser Scanner

To Finance or Not to Finance: Make Buying a Smooth Process

Product Spotlight: Welding Technology Corp 6005 Weld Controller

Meet the Machines! 7 Industrial Automation Products You Need

Deal of the Month: 30% Off All FANUC R-2000iA Models

3 Manufacturing Automation Mistakes to Avoid

Product Spotlight: Triple Stacked Roller Conveyor

How Can Manufacturing Help the Environment?

The 3 Greatest Moments in Industrial Automation History

Product Spotlight: Dengensha NDZ-070-41BNQ-R-D Spot Welding Machine

4 Reasons to Invest in an ABB FlexPicker Pick and Place Robot Cell

Product Spotlight: M-900iA/350 FANUC Robot w/ R30iA Controller

Deal of the Month: 25% Off All End of Arm Tooling (EOAT)

Product Spotlight: Daykin Electric GNTB-5 Transformer

5 Tips for Preventative Maintenance

Product Spotlight: Owosso QC1000-1-M12 Nut/Stud Feeder

Product Spotlight: Allen-Bradley 2098-DSD-020 Ultra3000 Servo Drive

What Can a Custom Work Cell Do for You?

Product Spotlight: Fibromat AT.1000 T00 SD180 D0520H7 Heavy Load Positioning Turntable

5 Ways Industrial Robots Increase Productivity

Deal of the Month: 50% Off Positioning Equipment

How to Cut Costs in Manufacturing Without Cutting Quality

5 Lean Manufacturing Methods

Product Spotlight: Omron F3SN-A0757P25-L/ F3SN-A0757P25-D Light Curtain Pairings

Deal of the Month: Get 20% Off Our Entire Electrical Components Category

What's Trending in Robotics in 2021?

Product Spotlight: Harrington MR020L Hoist

Supporting Women in Manufacturing

Product Spotlight: 26' KUKA RTU

This is the Key to Business Growth in 2021

Product Spotlight: UAS BDC-22 Baghouse Dust Collector System

Before and After Refurbishing with iGAM

Product Spotlight: Platform with Ladder

Deal of the Month: 10% Off IRB 6600 ABB Robot w/ IRC5-M2004 Controller

Product Spotlight: Weld Cell with Medar 5000

7 Things You Should Know Before You Buy a Robot in 2021

Make an Offer on Industrial Equipment at iGAM

Connect with iGAM on Social Media!

Product Spotlight: Davis Machine Works 48"X48"X25" Tilt Table

3 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Get New Industrial Equipment

Deal of the Month: 25% Off All Circuit Protection Equipment

Product Spotlight: ATI QC210T Female Side Main Tool Changer Body Tool Side

Responsible for a Manufacturing Budget? Check Out These 3 Best Spending Practices

Product Spotlight: FANUC R-J3IB R-2000IA Controller

6 Resources That Will Enhance Your Manufacturing Process

Product Spotlight: Chowel ASP-750-18F Pedestal Spot Welder

Deal of the Month: 20% Off ArcMate 120iB FANUC Robot Sale

5 Benefits of Creating an Account with iGAM

Product Spotlight: KR240 R2900 Ultra KUKA Robot with a KRC4 Controller

Product Spotlight: Square D CSA C 22.2 No.31 Switchgear Unit

5 Advantages of Automating with Industrial Robots in Manufacturing

Product Spotlight: Steel Platforms

Industrial Robots: Past, Present, and Future

Product Spotlight: Lifeguard LS12-30F1A Power Factor Charger Control

How to Consign Your Industrial Equipment

Product Spotlight: 3D Systems Prox DMP 300

5 Reasons Why You’re Failing at Automation

Product Spotlight: 5 Advantages of Using a Milco Servo Weld Gun Over a Pneumatic Weld Gun

5 Tips to Automate Your Manufacturing Facility

How to Practice Cybersecurity in Manufacturing

Product Spotlight: Sullivan Palatek SP20-125VFD Air Compressor

Finance with iGAM and Start Automating

Product Spotlight: Kimura Denyoki SW-405S Spot Welder

How to Purchase a Custom Work Cell with iGAM

NRTC Automation is in the Top 10 Automation Companies

Product Spotlight: Single Robotic Roll Hemming Cell

Key Considerations When Packaging New Products For Startups

Product Spotlight: 2002 Autolift L5-600-SD Coil Lift Truck

Find Fantastic Deals at iGAM’s FANUC Fire Sale!

Happy Manufacturing Day!

5 Common End of Arm Tooling Used in Robots

Product Spotlight: KR210 R2700 Prime KUKA Robot with a KRC4 Controller

Product Spotlight: Yaskawa CIMR-P5M45P5 AC Drive

The Ultimate Glossary of Industrial Terms

Product Spotlight: Programmable Logic Controller

This is Why You Need a Productivity Display

Can‌ ‌You‌ ‌Get‌ ‌a‌ ‌Tax‌ ‌Deduction‌ ‌from‌ ‌Section‌ ‌179?‌

5 Reasons Why a Servo Motor Will Benefit Your Production Line

Do You Need Equipment for Your Manufacturing Facility? Visit iGAM’s Industrial Equipment Auction Online!

Meet iGAM and NRTC Automation at PMA’s Annual Event in Nashville!

COMING SOON: Over 100 KUKA Robots and Refurbished Equipment in Our Inventory!

The Future of Automation: Involving Kids in Robotics

Make Shopping Easy with iGAM’s Wanted Equipment Page!

5 Ways Robots Enhance Work for Humans

How to Keep Employees Safe with Access Structures

8 Easy Ways to Save Energy in Manufacturing

4 Key Differences Between ABB, KUKA, and FANUC Robots

Save $31,000 a Day by Reconditioning Your Equipment

7 Modern-Day Influential Leaders in Manufacturing

9 Fun Facts About Welding

A Basic Guide to Human-Machine Interface (HMI)

A Brief History of the Manufacturing Industry in the United States

5 Tips on How to Recondition Your Robots Yourself

Industrial Maintenance in the COVID-19 Era

Understanding Depreciation: What is Your Industrial Equipment Worth?

How to Prevent Downtime in Your Manufacturing Process

7 Reasons Your Manufacturing Company Needs a 3D Printer

5 Things to Consider Before Selling Your Used Equipment

3 Reasons Manufacturers Can Rely on iGAM for Industrial Manufacturing Equipment and Robots Repair

3 Major Differences Between General-Purpose & Special-Purpose Robots

How to Determine the Right Robot for the Job

Interview with Russell Looper, Co-founder of MRO, Inc.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Used Robots and Manufacturing Equipment

How to Appraise Your Used Robots: iGAM's New Asset Appraisal Services

iGAM’s New MRO Warranty Coverage Brings Peace of Mind to Used Equipment Purchases

iGAM Announces Exclusive Partnership with MRO, Inc. to Add a 20-Month Warranty to Used Robots and Industrial Equipment Sold on the Marketplace

Buying Used Robots at Auction: Practical, Fiscally Sound Way to Automate

Robots at the Tipping Point: Analysts Weigh In

iGAM to Host Next Unreserved Online Auction on February 27, 2020


What to Consider When Choosing a Welding Robot

Welding Robots Can Improve Your Products, Protect Your People

5 Tips to Reduce Your Automation Investment

Affordable Automation: Robotics on Your Budget

Robots in Manufacturing: Friend or Foe?

Robots in Manufacturing: Myths and Misconceptions

NRTC Automation’s New E-Commerce Platform Enables Manufacturers to Invest in Automation on Their Terms

Welcome to the iGAM Marketplace – Manufacturers are finding the right reconditioned equipment at a fraction of the original cost, The Marketplace for Used Robots and Manufacturing Equipment is Live

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