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Find Fantastic Deals at iGAM’s FANUC Fire Sale!

Posted by iGAM on Oct 5, 2020 4:45:00 PM

FANUC robot saleiGAM is having a huge sale on the FANUC R-2000IB-210F robot! Configure the robot to add additional axes, upgrade your refurbishment package, and purchase a robot with less hours to get the model you need. With this discount, you can add a refurbished FANUC robot to your production line for an excellent price!

Need used industrial robots at an affordable price? 

Look no further! iGAM is having a FANUC Fire Sale to give you top-notch used FANUC robots at an unbeatable price. We make it easy to add more than one robot to your company by offering bulk discounts, too! 

Learn more about the R-2000IB-210F FANUC Robot with a R-30IA Controller and our sale prices below! 

Outrageous Deals for Used FANUC Robots 


FANUC is one of the leading industrial robot manufacturers in the world. 

Since 1958, FANUC has created innovative designs to improve production and boost efficiency. They have over 100 models available today, including advanced robot vision systems that assist more complicated tasks. 

Plus, FANUC tops other industrial robot brands with the most installations worldwide. In 2017, FANUC installed their 500,000th robot, making them one of the most trusted robot manufacturers in the industry. 

The R-2000IB-210F FANUC Robot with a R-30IA Controller 

We’ve listed the product specifications of the R-2000IB-210F FANUC Robot with a R-30IA Controller here: 

  • This FANUC robot model can handle huge payloads of up to 210 kg across a vast range of applications.  
  • It’s especially popular for welding applications due to its accessibility and high performance. 
  • Additionally, this used FANUC robot has a repeatability of ±0.3mm, making it reliable and precise.  
  • It stands at a total mass of 1,240 kg with floor mounting, and has a reach of 2,655 mm. 
  • Plus, improved software accounts for higher motion performance, integrated vision, bin-picking function, and diagnostics function makes this an all-around exceptional robot to add to your production line. 

The R-2000IB-210F FANUC Robot starts with 6 axes, but you can purchase our FANUC robots with 7 or 8 axes at an additional cost. 

Plus, we offer the option of a robot with over 20,000 usage hours at our listed price, or under 20,000 hours at an additional cost. 

Our robots include our Bronze Reconditioning Service. This means your robot will come to you with: 

  • A complimentary cleaning and degreasing 
  • An inspection and testing for quality assurance 

You can always choose to add our Silver or Gold Reconditioning Service to your purchase at an additional cost. 

As if this wasn’t enough, we also offer our NRTC Assurance Warranty Coverage so you can have peace of mind. You’ll have access to our Technical Support team and Repair Services after your purchase depending on the level of reconditioning you choose with your purchase. 

iGAM's FANUC Fire Sale - Discounted Used FANUC Robots 

iGAM used FANUC robot

For iGAM’s FANUC Fire Sale, we are offering hot deals on this FANUC robot model! 

Our refurbished R-2000IB-210F FANUC Robot with a R-30IA Controller typically goes for $13,000, a steep price reduction compared to brand-new robots costing upwards of $80,000 each. 

In our Fire Sale, we are discounting our prices by $3,500! This awesome deal extends to bulk discounts. Contact an iGAM Specialist to learn more about bulk prices! 

How to Get Your FANUC Robot 

To get your discounted R-2000IB-210F FANUC Robot with a R-30IA Controllercreate an account on our website and choose your specifications at this link 

We offer financing so you can purchase the equipment you need now while sticking to your budget, which you can choose at checkout. Learn more about our financing options here. 

Contact an iGAM Specialist to learn more about our FANUC Fire Sale! 

iGAM is the leading online marketplace for used industrial robots and equipment. 

iGAM is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry and the market for used manufacturing assets.  

We are the online marketplace to find the best used robots, manufacturing equipment, and parts on the web. With our automation services to help companies automate their production lines, we are equipped to be an essential part of every manufacturing company's asset management strategy. 

Contact iGAM today to learn more about how we can assist you in your automation journey. 

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