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How to Prevent Downtime in Your Manufacturing Process

Posted by iGAM on Jul 8, 2020 2:30:00 PM

Prevent DowntimeIf you run a manufacturing plant, then you know the difficulties of maintaining a smooth production process. Downtime is the period in which any machine is not in production for any reason, and unplanned downtime can have disastrous effects on the productivity of the entire facility. A study revealed that over 80% of companies have experienced unplanned downtime, and downtime can cost upwards of $260,000 an hour!  

Luckily, unplanned downtime can be reduced with intention and preparation. Learn more about how to prevent downtime in your company and increase your revenue below.

What causes downtime in manufacturing facilities?

Downtime is a source of major revenue loss for companies. While downtime can be planned, such as for maintenance and holidays, unplanned downtime can negatively affect your facility’s output.

Unplanned downtime includes instances such as equipment failure, employee-related downtime, and lack of production planning. While downtime is not totally avoidable, there are actionable steps you can take to drastically reduce unplanned downtime in your manufacturing facility.

What can you do to prevent downtime in your manufacturing process?

Run scheduled maintenance checks on your equipment.

Your equipment is working hard, day in and day out, to produce for your company. Long hours or nonstop production takes a toll on manufacturing equipment, so it’s necessary to conduct scheduled maintenance checks.

Prevent breakage by repairing equipment as issues come up. You'll save money by dodging a new equipment purchase, and you will prevent downtime waiting for a new part or piece of equipment to ship.

Set specific goals for production.

If you are manufacturing without specific and timely goals for your rate of production, downtime will significantly cut your productivity. To avoid downtime and increase your company’s output, set goals that are both ambitious and achievable so you can measure your progress.  

Review your goals on a regular basis—weekly and/or monthly—to check if your facility is experiencing downtime in any area. Setting goals and checking them regularly will ensure that your production rate is maintained (or even increased!).

Upgrade any outdated equipment.

Old, outdated equipment won’t run as efficiently as it should due to degradation. Repairing and refurbishing robots and equipment is useful when they are still running up to speed, but it is important to know when to replace them.

You can cut down on costs by purchasing high-quality used robots and equipment that will fit into your production line with ease. iGAM has hundreds of used industrial robots, manufacturing equipment, and parts that are up to half the cost of brand-new equipment, saving you money during your purchase and your production time.

Train your production line staff.

An educated staff will naturally outperform an unschooled staff on the production line. If you want your line staff to keep up with your productivity goals, train them properly.  

Take the extra time at the beginning of the hiring process to train your employees in their specific job so you know it will be done quickly and correctly. You won’t regret it when your manufacturing goals are achieved at the end of the month.

You can control your manufacturing plant’s productivity.

Downtime doesn’t have to consume your time and money. With intentional goal setting, productivity checkups, employee training, scheduled equipment repair, and replacing equipment as needed, you can reduce downtime in your facility and increase your production and revenue.

Are you interested in iGAM’s repair and reconditioning services? Contact us today for a quote to get your facility up and running for optimum productivity.

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