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    iGAM Customer Testimonial: Sculpturist Company Neoset Designs

    Posted by iGAM on Jun 10, 2022 9:36:23 AM


    iGAM works with digital fabrication studio Neoset Designs to supply robots for complex robotic milling. 

    When a customer purchases a robot from us, we don’t always know what it will be used for. A business could add it to an existing assembly line, or it could be the start of increasing productivity and streamlining for a newer company. However, when we heard about iGAM robots being used to produce art, we had to know more.  

    Neoset Designs  

    Neoset Designs, our client, is a pioneer in using technology to create innovative and complex works of art. By using robots they are able to quickly produce their pieces and make their art pieces even more intricate. Their challenge before iGAM was being able to acquire high-quality, affordable robots to continue to create their art and increase productivity.  

    "Having equipment that is reliable is extremely important. It doesn't matter how good you think you are; at the end of the day, you need to be able to trust your machinery." 

    iGAM Enters the Picture  

    Neoset was initially attracted to iGAM after our online marketplace was launched, consisting of industrial robots and machines. But soon they grew to appreciate our sales staff, who were able to accommodate their boutique needs of just one or two purchases at a time.  

    All of iGAM’s products have a high level of care, and we ensure all of our customers get first-rate equipment, but we went the extra mile and made sure that Neoset was informed of any new robots or tools that would work well for any current or future projects they might be working on.  

    A Better End Product 

    Today, Neoset Designs uses five robots purchased from iGAM. These robots are cutting production time, and allowing Neoset to produce highly complex projects. For more information on this project and iGAM, and to see images of the large-scale, beautiful pieces Neoset produces, please visit our case study. 

    iGAM is the Best Source for High Quality Industrial Robots 

    iGAM is the leading online marketplace for used industrial robots, robot parts, and manufacturing equipment. We provide quality refurbished robots and industrial equipment at an affordable price for manufacturers of all sizes. For more information, or to see our current in-house selection, shop our inventory here.  


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