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iGAM’s New MRO Warranty Coverage Brings Peace of Mind to Used Equipment Purchases

Posted by iGAM on Jun 8, 2020 12:03:32 PM

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Investing in automation is a significant financial decision for manufacturers. We want our customers to feel confident investing in used manufacturing equipment and robotics. That’s why we decided to partner with Manufacturing Repair & Overstock (MRO, Inc.) to provide a 20-month warranty coverage on our entire stock of used manufacturing equipment and robots. Continue reading to learn why purchasing used manufacturing equipment with an extended warranty is essential for manufacturers and why iGAM should be your source for all used equipment and robots.

Why Manufacturers Should Only Purchase Used Equipment That’s Covered by an Extended Warranty

  1. No Significant Repair Costs – Once you sign your name on the dotted line and take a robot or piece of manufacturing equipment, it’s yours. However, when it’s covered by a warranty, your company is protected in the event the equipment doesn’t operate as expected or needs repairs. If you don’t have coverage and the engine, transmission or hydraulic system goes down, the repair costs can be significant and have a long-term impact on your bottom line. 
  2. Reduced Downtime – When essential manufacturing equipment or robotics breaks down, it can obstruct productivity at your facility. Having the protection of a warranty helps you get back to work sooner eliminating expensive downtime. Manufacturers no longer have to worry about allocating the funds to pay for repairs. If an item purchased on iGAM breaks down under normal wear and tear conditions, iGAM will repair or replace the item quickly to minimize downtime.
  3. Quality Parts and Service – Repairs are done right the first time, without having to deal with lengthy down times, slow turnaround times, or inaccurate diagnoses. When it comes to parts and components, you can rest assured that you’re getting exceptional quality, providing strength and durability to your manufacturing equipment and robots. Our partner MRO has remedied solutions for over 3,000 customers around the globe and will provide the same top-level service to iGAM customers.

iGAM’s new 20-month warranty through MRO, Inc. gives manufacturers the peace of mind to invest in used manufacturing equipment and robots because they know iGAM has got them covered. Do you have questions about replacement robot parts? Need help retrofitting a line? Planning for an upcoming automation build? Contact iGAM to get started!


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