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Product Spotlight: 2002 Autolift L5-600-SD Coil Lift Truck

Posted by iGAM on Oct 7, 2020 9:15:00 AM

2002 Autolift L5-600-SD Coil Lift TruckLift trucks are handy industrial trucks that can save manufacturers time and money by increasing productivity and preventing safety hazards. 

If you run a manufacturing facility, then you need a lift truck. 

Lift trucks are the tried-and-true companions of manufacturers because of their lift capacities, allowing manufacturers and workers to move more products and materials within their facility. 

A lift truck will save you time by increasing your load volume, and it'll also save you money by improving your productivity and protecting your employees from accidents. 

Learn more about iGAM’s 2002 Autolift L5-600-SD Coil Lift Truck below! 

Get a 2002 Autolift L5-600-SD Coil Lift Truck with iGAM 

What is a lift truck? 

A lift truck, also known as a forklift or fork truck, is an industrial vehicle used to lift and transport items across short distances. 

Lift trucks typically have two prongs, or forks, that are powered by the vehicle to carry, lift, and lower materials. They may have a gasoline-powered engine, a propane engine, a diesel engine, or an electric motor. 

Lift capacity depends on the size and power capabilities of the truck. 

What do you need a lift truck for? 

If you have products, materials, or other loads that are too heavy or cumbersome to transport throughout your warehouse, then you will benefit from having a lift truck. 

Lift trucks are used in almost every industry: from food production to aerospace to warehousing and distribution, a lift truck is a handy tool to have to move products and materials. 

For manufacturers and their employees, there are many positives to having a lift truck in the facility: 

  • With a lift truck, workers have the benefit of improved safety by avoiding lifting heavy loads. This avoids injury from improper lifting technique, falls, and other accidents caused by carrying heavy loads of products or equipment. 
  • Lift trucks also improve your productivity because they can handle more products per load at a time, reducing the time needed to transport materials from one place to another. 
  • Lift trucks are independent vehicles that do not have to follow a fixed path, so they can move in any area within your facility to transport items. 
  • By increasing your productivity and reducing accidents in the workplace, lift trucks can save you money. 

Getting a lift truck for your manufacturing facility will enable you to increase your production rate and empower your employees with improved safety conditions. Consider adding a lift truck to your company today! 

2002 Autolift L5-600-SD Coil Lift Truck Specs 

2002_autolift_l5-600-sd_coil_lift_truck4iGAM's 2002 Autolift L5-600-SD Coil Lift Truck is a refurbished lift truck with an astounding lift capacity of 60,000 pounds! 

This lift truck runs on propane and features an Integral coil ram and a 9-degree back tilt for optimum lifting. 

The tires on this Autolift lift truck are measured at 36x24x30” and 28x14x22”. 

With a roomy driver’s seat and bright paint, this 2002 Autolift L5-600-SD Coil Lift Truck is ready to be purchased and used in your manufacturing facility. 

How to Purchase a Lift Truck with iGAM 

If you want to purchase this lift truck, create an account with iGAM 

As an iGAM Insider, you have access to all our marketplace inventory with brand names at a steep discount. We offer affordable equipment that is up to 80% off retail price. Plus, you’ll receive special deals and exclusive offers in your email for our constantly updating inventory. 

You have the option to Buy Now or Make an Offer when purchasing this lift truck. We also offer financing so you can get the equipment you need while sticking to your budget. 

Check out the 2002 Autolift L5-600-SD Coil Lift Truck on our website today! 

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