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Product Spotlight: ATI QC210T Female Side Main Tool Changer Body Tool Side

Posted by iGAM on Jan 27, 2021 11:30:00 AM

ATI Female Side Tool Changer_horiz-1With an automatic tool changer, manufacturers can eliminate downtime caused by manual tool changing processes. 

The goal of any manufacturer is to cut losses, be it time, product, or money. 

With an automatic tool changer, reducing downtime is possible. Considering how hard downtime is on a company’s wallet, it is important to seek methods to minimize it at all costs. 

Learn more about the benefits of automatic tool changers and iGAM’s ATI QC210T Female Side Main Tool Changer Body Tool Side below! 

Product Spotlight: ATI QC210T Female Side Main Tool Changer Body Tool Side 

What is a tool changer? 

There are two types of tool changers: manual and automatic. 

Manual tool changers require an operator to change out tools, whereas an automatic tool changer does not require human assistance to change tools. 

Note: In this blog post, we’re only going to cover automatic tool changers. Let us know in the comments if you want to see a blog post about manual tool changers! 

In manufacturing, automatic tool changers, or ATC, are used in computerized numerical control (CNC) machines. Tool changers provide industrial CNC machines with the ability to handle more than one tool at a time. 

ATC are generally made up of five parts: 

  • Base 
  • Arms with gripper 
  • Tool holder 
  • Support arm 
  • Tool magazines 

A command is sent to the ATC to change tools. When that happens, the current tool shifts into the tool change position. One ATC arm moves to pick up the new tool while another arm removes the old tool out of the turret. 

Benefits of an automatic tool changer 

ATCs are immensely beneficial to manufacturers who want to make their production lines more efficient. With an ATC, manufacturers can: 

  • Reduce downtime: Downtime can cost up to $5,200 a minutewreaking havoc on a company’s bottom line. With ATC, downtime caused by manual tool changing processes can be eliminated. 
  • Improve tool performance: ATC improve tool performance by increasing repeatability and thus reducing product irregularities. This can save thousands of dollars in wasted product due to inconsistencies. 
  • Enhance industrial robot versatility: Everyone wants to make the most of their purchase. Manufacturers can get the most out of their automation investment when they add ATCs to their production lines. 
  • Increase production speed: By eliminating manual tool changing processes, ATCs increase production speed. This causes a reduction in lead timecreating room for more demand. 

Interested in adding an ATC to your production line? Consider shopping at iGAM! 

Purchase a tool changer 

img_1087At iGAM, we have the industrial robots, robot parts, and manufacturing equipment you need to succeed in your industry at up to 80 percent off retail price. 

Need an automatic tool changer? You’re in luck! We have a used ATI QC210T Female Side Main Tool Changer Body Tool Side for sale on the iGAM Marketplace. 

ATI is a dependable automation equipment companyproviding trustworthy equipment to assist manufacturers in their production goals. We only contain name brand equipment in our inventory so our customers can rest assured about product quality and reliability. 

The ATI QC210T Female Side Main Tool Changer Body Tool Side consists of the following: 

  • Anodized aluminum body 
  • Hardened stainless steel bearing race 
  • Alignment bushings that mate with pins on the Master plate 
  • (4) flats for mounting optional modules 
  • Ferrous metal proximity sensor targets 
  • Mounting pattern for customer tooling or a tooling interface plate

This ATI tool changer will provide you with all the benefits listed above. Plus, iGAM offers 20-Month Warranty Coverage on this product, giving you peace of mind with your purchase. You’ll have access to iGAM Specialists and repair technicians, if needed, for 20 months after your purchase. 

Improve production efficiency, reduce lead time, and get the most out of your industrial robots by purchasing an ATC today. 

Looking for something specific that's not on our marketplace? Contact us and let us know! Our inventory changes daily and we'll work with you to find the equipment you need.

Finance with iGAM 

Purchasing an ATI QC210T Female Side Main Tool Changer is easy with iGAM! We offer financing so manufacturers of any size can improve their production capabilities. 

iGAM offers two ways to finance:     

  • Fill out the quick application on the product page and choose the best financing plan from the nation’s top lenders     
  • Apply for credit with our partner Behalf and purchase any equipment you need while making low monthly payments.     

Don’t let cost dissuade you from achieving your production goals. Visit our Financing page to learn more about our financing options. 

Increase production efficiency with iGAM today 

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