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Product Spotlight: Davis Machine Works 48"X48"X25" Tilt Table

Posted by iGAM on Feb 10, 2021 10:30:00 AM

Davis Machine Works Tilt Table_horizUsing a tilt table is a simple and effective solution to provide workers with accessible and ergonomically-sound workspaces. 

Problems are rarely solved with a simple solution in manufacturing facilities. Oftentimes, fixing an issue takes weeks or even months of discussion, data analysis, cost comparisons, and more. 

When it comes to improving accessibility in your production line, however, there is an easy answer! Getting a tilt table offers safe and ergonomic workspaces for your employees, among other benefits. 

Learn more about tilt tables and how to get one for your facility below. 

Davis Machine Works 48"X48"X25" Tilt Table 

What is a tilt table? 

An industrial tilt table is a platform that can tilt loads from 1 to 90 degrees. They change the angle of access to a load to improve ergonomics, accessibility, and/or height. 

Tilt tables are commonly used for the following applications: 

  • Parts sorting 
  • Palletization 
  • Equipment assembly or maintenance 
  • Ergonomics 

With a wide variety of load capacity, ranging from 2,000 pounds to 6,000 pounds plus, tilt tables have a necessary and practical function in industrial settings. 

Benefits of a tilt table 

There are many benefits to using a tilt table in your facility. 

  • Effective accessibility is crucial in manufacturing facilities to provide secure and productive workspaces. Tilt tables assist with this goal by preventing workers from wasting energy and time with unnecessary movement. 
  • Tilt tables also provide safety benefits by protecting workers from injuries. Musculoskeletal injuries are incurred from overuse caused by repetitive motion. Direct and indirect charges from overuse injuries cost U.S. businesses over $45 billion a yearTilt tables prevent this issue, saving both your employees and your wallet from pain. 
  • Bottlenecks in production are relieved with the help of tilt tables. The time saved by tilting a table at a 45-degree angle to access products and equipment will prevent a backup in workflow.  
  • Production errors will be reduced as well when workers can focus on the task at hand rather than on accessing their workspace. 
  • Plus, machining is simpler with a tilt table because you can access multiple sides without taking the time to unclamp and reclamp it. 

How do you determine if you need a tilt table? Take these three steps: 

  1. Communicate with staff. Ask them where they have difficulty performing their jobs due to accessibility. 
  2. Observe production flow. Are there interruptions to workflow that can be aided with a tilt table? 
  3. Find out what level of mobility you need. Will workers be stationary, or will they need to move around the production floor? 

With a little research and observation, you’ll be well on your way to a leaner and more efficient production line. 

Purchase a tilt table at iGAM 

2478Found a spot to place a tilt table in your factory? Get a used tilt table at up to 80 percent off retail price at iGAM! 

Our refurbished Davis Machine Works 48"x48"x25" Tilt Table is designed for those applications where lifting and tilting the load provides improved access to the product.  

Davis Machine Works was established in the 1930s and manufacturers equipment, material handling racks and carts, custom handrails, fences, and more. You’ll get all the benefits listed above after implementing a Davis Machine Works tilt table into your facility. 

Are you a small- to mid-sized manufacturer who needs a tilt table, but can’t afford the upfront investment? iGAM can help! 

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