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Product Spotlight: Omron F3SN-A0757P25-L/ F3SN-A0757P25-D Light Curtain Pairings

Posted by iGAM on Apr 7, 2021 9:00:00 AM

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT copySafety around heavy machinery is a must. Light curtains offer an ingenious—and inexpensive—way to protect your employees. 

OSHA, the Occupational and Safety Health Administration, makes a big deal about workplace safety, and for good reason. Every year, thousands of workers sustain serious injuries, such as amputations, due to improper machine guarding. 

Light curtains are a simple solution to this problem. Learn more about how light curtains work and how to buy a light curtain at iGAM below! 

Light curtains for industrial settings 

What is a light curtain? 

A light curtain, also known as a safety light curtain, light guard, or light screen, is an optical sensing device that uses presence detection to protect workers from moving machinery.  

They are easy to access and provide high visibility to the equipment while ensuring that equipment personnel are not at risk of injury. 

Light curtains get their name due to their photoelectric build made up of vertical beams, which are assembled to create a curtain. 

How do light curtains work? 

Light curtains are an innovative way to use light to detect motion and prevent workers from walking into an unsafe area. They work constantly, scanning the light in the environment. 

A transmitter and receiver are used for presence detection. When the area around the light curtain is clear, infrared light is guided by the transmitter into the photoelectric cells of the receiver. When something is in the way, it blocks the infrared light, which signals to the photoelectric cells of the receiver that someone or something is nearby. 

If this signal is received, the light curtain will offer protection by sending an output signal to turn off the machine. 

Some typical questions that you should consider when buying a light curtain include the following: 

  • What height do you need the light curtain to be? 
  • What kind of area are you trying to protect? How many curtains do you need to cover the area? 
  • How tight should the spacing be between the vertical beams? Tight spacing is used to detect fingers and hands. 

Speak with a safety engineer to understand exactly what kind of light curtain you need for your facility. 

Safety is key in every workplace 

iGAM always says that safety should be your number one priority. Your employees work hard to help you meet your production goals; likewise, you should ensure that their safety is considered in every aspect of the warehouse. 

Safety light curtains will help you achieve a safer workplace. By setting up light curtains in your facility, your employees can be productive without worry. 

Protect your employees with equipment from iGAM 

757p2-removebg-previewAre you looking to add safety light curtains to your facility? Shop at iGAM! 

The Omron F3SN-A0757P25-L/ F3SN-A0757P25-D Light Curtain Pairings protect against life-threatening category 4 hazards. Indicator LED’s show status, error, and light intensity on both the emitter and the receiver. The slim profile is space efficient and ideal for applications requiring category 4 hazard protection.

These light curtains are covered under our warranty. Purchase with peace of mind knowing you'll have access to technical support and repairs, if needed.

You can choose to Buy Now or Make an Offer on our Omron Light Curtain Pairings. If you decide to Make an Offer, an iGAM Specialist will get back to you within one business day if your offer is accepted. 

Want to set up safety perimeters, but don’t want to stretch your budget? No worries! iGAM offers financing directly on our site so you can purchase with ease. 

We provide two ways to finance 

  • Fill out the quick application on the product page and choose the best financing plan from the nation’s top lenders. 
  • Apply for credit with our partner Behalf and purchase any equipment you need while making low monthly payments. 

Keep your employees safe with light curtains without overspending. Visit our Financing page to learn more about our financing options. 

Create a safe work environment today 

No matter what industry you are in, if you are using heavy machinery, then machine guarding is essential. Set up light curtains around your equipment to prevent accidents in the warehouse. 

Visit the iGAM Marketplace 

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We specialize in providing affordable products that meet the demands of your business and enjoy working with our customers to deliver the results they expect. With unbeatable prices, selection, and customer service, iGAM aims to be the ultimate destination for automation products across the industry and an essential part of every manufacturer's asset management strategy. 

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