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5 Tips for Preventative Maintenance

Posted by iGAM on May 24, 2021 10:00:00 AM

Think of your robot like a luxury car. Would you want to run it non-stop for a year without an oil change? 

If you are new to automation, you might also be new to the concept of preventative maintenance. 

Industrial equipment, and especially robots, need to be checked, cleaned, and repaired on a regular basis. Otherwise, you could waste thousands of dollars when your equipment breaks down—for good. 

Learn more about preventative maintenance and our tips for taking care of your industrial robot below! 

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Product Spotlight: Owosso QC1000-1-M12 Nut/Stud Feeder

Posted by iGAM on May 19, 2021 9:30:00 AM

Quickly process and supply parts to your production line with an industrial feeder.

Manufacturing facilities are constantly moving. From start to finish, there are many shifting parts that require precision and speed to function. 

Bottlenecks can cause huge issues in a production line. Industrial feeders help prevent bottlenecks and keep things moving as they should. 

Learn more about feeders, their benefits, and how to buy a feeder for your facility below! 

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Product Spotlight: Fibromat AT.1000 T00 SD180 D0520H7 Heavy Load Positioning Turntable

Posted by iGAM on May 5, 2021 8:50:00 AM

Turn it up with a Fibromat turntable! And, for a limited time only, get it 50 percent off during iGAM's May Positioning Equipment sale.

Turntables offer safe and ergonomic work spaces for your employees, among other benefits.

Plus, purchase a turntable half off during the entire month of May!

Learn more about turntables and how to get one for your facility below. 

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5 Ways Industrial Robots Increase Productivity

Posted by iGAM on May 3, 2021 8:30:00 AM

Are you ready to invest in your future?  

Industrial robots have a high ROI, increasing throughput and capacity by over 200 percent (just see what customers of our sister company, NRTC Automation, have to say here). 

We list the five ways industrial robots improve productivity in your facility below. Read more to find out how to benefit from these productivity hacks! 

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Topics: used manufacturing equipment, automation, industrial robots, productivity

Deal of the Month: 50% Off Positioning Equipment

Posted by iGAM on May 1, 2021 10:30:00 AM

Need material handling support? We got your back this month with our positioning equipment sale. 

We know you love a deal, and that’s why we are offering 50 percent off all positioning equipment this May! 

Did you know that human error causes 80 percent of product defects? Positioning equipment can help with that! 

Learn more about the other benefits of using positioning equipment in your facility and where you can shop our sale below. 

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How to Cut Costs in Manufacturing Without Cutting Quality

Posted by iGAM on Apr 26, 2021 9:45:00 AM

Manufacturers who are committed to customer satisfaction find ways to reduce costs without cutting product quality. 

Lowering manufacturing expenses is a key component to becoming more competitive in your industry. A more flexible budget allows you to focus your efforts on expansion, but at what cost? 

Maintaining quality is necessary to continuing growing without putting your company at risk of effacement. 

Learn more about common manufacturing costs and how to offset them below! 

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Deal of the Month: Get 20% Off Our Entire Electrical Components Category

Posted by iGAM on Apr 1, 2021 10:00:00 AM

This month, iGAM is offering an additional 20 percent off our Electrical Components category. 

It’s our passion to provide small and large manufacturing companies alike with opportunities to grow their company. That’s why, at iGAM, we offer a Deal of the Month so you can automate your facility with affordable equipment. 

Throughout April, our entire Electrical Components category is on sale. Shop hundreds of items, from PLCs to safety scanners, to improve your production processes today. 

Learn more about our Electrical Components sale and how you can enhance your facility below. 

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What's Trending in Robotics in 2021?

Posted by iGAM on Mar 29, 2021 9:45:00 AM

After the pandemic, a surge in robotics innovations showed how humans can be resilient with the help of automation. 

More and more manufacturers have been adopting industrial automation in the past ten years. Even other industries, like medicine, have added robots to improve their processes. 

This year is one of the best years to start automating because of recent developments in robotics. Learn more about why you should automate your business in 2021 below. 

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Topics: used manufacturing equipment, robotics, automation, industrial robots

This is the Key to Business Growth in 2021

Posted by iGAM on Mar 15, 2021 9:30:00 AM

2020 was a difficult year that challenged every industry. Now, in 2021, businesses are encouraged to implement this one tool to restore growth. 

Business owners who lasted through the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic are resilient. They survived through one of the toughest markets in history, struggling through shuttered doors and a drop-off in consumer activity. 

However, this year, businesses need to start using automation to stay competitive. In a world where faster is better, automation offers a way to increase efficiency. 

Learn more about why (and how) you should automate below. 

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Before and After Refurbishing with iGAM

Posted by iGAM on Mar 8, 2021 11:30:24 AM

Check out these before and after pictures of iGAM refurbishing orders.  

Investing in refurbishment has huge benefits for your company: it keeps your employees safe, improves production output, and helps you save money down the road. 

Are you uncertain about whether you should refurbish your equipment yet? Check out the benefits of refurbishing below! 

Plus, check out these real before and after pictures of customers who have used iGAM’s Repair Services to see the difference in equipment performance. 

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