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Affordable Automation: Robotics on Your Budget

Posted by iGAM on Dec 10, 2019 12:59:00 PM

It’s today’s Catch-22, set in a manufacturing shop…maybe your shop. Your customers are asking about automated processes, and you know that robots would make you more competitive. Of course, you want to bid on larger jobs and you need to run more efficiently. The real question is, how can you justify the investment now, rather than later?  


Technology Advancements Are Making Robots More Affordable

The same market forces that affect iPhone prices affect robots and equipment. When new technology is released, old(-er) technology gets more affordable. While humans are naturally excited by new technology, most engineers (and most customers), appreciate tried and true solutions.

The obvious way to invest affordably in automation now is to purchase used robots and robot parts. Many shops using pre-owned, reconditioned equipment find it offer benefits in addition to being affordable.

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NRTC Automation’s New E-Commerce Platform Enables Manufacturers to Invest in Automation on Their Terms

Posted by iGAM on Nov 7, 2019 8:35:05 AM

Manufacturing is thriving in the Age of Automation. The speed, precision and power of industrial robots benefits manufacturers by providing increased efficiency and higher output leading to more profits and growth. In the past, cost was a barrier for small to mid-sized manufacturers looking to improve their production lines with automation. But the launch of the iGAM marketplace has leveled the playing field by making automation affordable for everyone.

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