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Robots at the Tipping Point: Analysts Weigh In

Posted by iGAM on Mar 13, 2020 8:32:53 AM

Bring up the topic of robots and some might say robotics and industrial automation are the wave of the future, but in fact, they’re the wave of the now; they’re tools that factories need to maintain production levels now. Even small manufacturers are realizing the enormous benefits in updating the factory floor. 

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What to Consider When Choosing a Welding Robot

Posted by iGAM on Jan 24, 2020 11:22:07 AM

Read Part 1 of our welding robot series here: "Welding Robots Can Improve Your Products, Protect Your People" 

In addition to the fact that human welders are in very short supply – especially ones experienced in a variety of different welding situations and with a variety of materials – there are many compelling reasons to automate your welding processes. 

The advantages of using robotic equipment in the welding operation, in fact, are pretty comprehensive: 

    • Welding robots produce consistent weld quality, reducing return rates
    • They minimize the risks to your personnel, protecting your human resources
    • Automated welding systems routinely prove faster and more productive than human welders

So if it’s time – or past time – for your shop to automate, how do you approach the process of automating? Specifically, selecting the best, most economical and effective welding robots for your current needs? 

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Welding Robots Can Improve Your Products, Protect Your People

Posted by iGAM on Jan 9, 2020 2:30:33 PM

Welding can be time-consuming and dangerous- and the results can be inconsistent. Among a plethora of industrial applications, there’s virtually no alternative to welding. Sadly, welding is a hazardous process and too many employees suffer eye damage and other worse injuries on production lines. And, the shortage of welding professionals is a well-documented problem.

No wonder welding is one of the most common processes to automate!

While robotic welding equipment isn’t cheap, the benefits of automating welding processes are clear in terms of reducing on the job incidents and injuries, improving efficiency and consistency, and making notable gains in quality improvements.

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