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The Future of Automation: Involving Kids in Robotics

Posted by iGAM on Aug 24, 2020 10:00:00 AM

Kids AutomationIn the age of technology, children are no strangers to screens and robots. Their education and home lives are surrounded by computers, smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

We all know the trope of a teenager trying to show their parent how to work their phone. Kids exposed to technology will inevitably be more comfortable using it and working with it in the future.

By paying attention to children’s interests in STEM and cultivating them, caretakers and educational figures can develop the robotics leaders of the future.

Learn more about how to get kids involved in robotics below!

Getting kids involved in robotics

If a child has shown an interest in the STEM fields, then pointing them in the direction of robotics may be a fulfilling hobby or even career for them.

Learning robotics at a young age develops these crucial life skills:

  • Creative thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Persistence
  • Technical thinking

Encouraging kids to learn about robotics will help them in school, college, and their careers. There is a wealth of robotics resources for kids. See the different kinds of robotics programs for kids below!

Robotics Programs for Kids

4-H Club

4-H has been educating kids in all sorts of programs since 1902, and they teamed up with National Geographic to build an innovative robotics program for kids. Through teaching robotics online and hands-on, kids in 4-H will get the chance to develop their engineering and creative thinking skills while having fun.

Online games

It’s no secret that kids love computers. From toddlers to teenagers, the fascination with the screen is obvious. Why not use that interest for something useful? Online robotics games will enchant children, giving them an opportunity to learn coding and robotics while having fun on the computer. 

School programs

After-school programs are an easy way for kids to learn robotics while staying involved in the community. Children in after-school activities have better academic performance, improved social skills, and better classroom behavior. They can learn alongside their friends and develop a passion for robotics that will carry them into a bright future.

Robotics toys

There are tons of robotics toys on the market today. From programmable toy frogs to intelligent monitors, kids can be prepared for a future in robotics by exposing them to coding and robots at an early age.

Summer camps

Summer camps are a great way to keep your kids engaged when they are out of school. If your child is interested in STEM, consider sending them to a robotics camp!

There are robotics summer camps across the United States. NASA hosts over a dozen robotics summer camps for kids, and there are plenty of others online.

Kids will have the chance to make friends and have normal campy fun, like swimming and sitting around campfires, while also learning robotics and essential STEM skills for the future.

Encourage kids in STEM!

Activities in STEM provide opportunities to learn coding and robotics and have fun at the same time. By supporting a child’s interest in robotics, we can prepare that child for an automated future. Learning STEM at a young age develops crucial life skills that will benefit children in every aspect of their life. Get kids involved in STEM today to give them a brighter tomorrow.

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