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Top 5 Reasons to Buy Used Robots and Manufacturing Equipment

Posted by iGAM on Jun 22, 2020 2:30:00 PM
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When shopping for robots and manufacturing equipment, it's important to consider the benefits and downfalls of buying used versus buying new. iGAM provides refurbished robots that rival new robots in quality and outdo new equipment in savings.

Buying used goods is becoming increasingly popular as thrifting apps and secondhand shops rise in demand. The same goes for used robots: with the availability of an online marketplace like iGAM, buying refurbished robots and manufacturing equipment is easier than ever. Find out the top 5 reasons buying secondhand equipment will help your company below. 

1. Cost Effective

Clearly, buying used will be less expensive than buying new, but is it worth the savings?

Apparently it is: on average, brand new robots are twice as expensive as used robots. If the quality, performance, and delivery are all the same, why not save tens of thousands of dollars by choosing a used robot that has been repaired and reconditioned? 

2. Environmentally Responsible 

A study published in Forbes revealed that consumers prefer companies that are environmentally and socially responsible. Buying used equipment saves precious resources and is environmentally friendly as opposed to new equipment that is not sustainably produced. When you buy used, you are a consumer-preferred choice! 

3. Same Quality 

Used does not mean faulty. In fact, iGAM ensures that our refurbished robots and manufacturing equipment are restored to like-new conditions. Our partnership with Manufacturing Repair & Overstock (MRO, Inc.) and our 20-month warranty coverage give you peace of mind that you are adding the best equipment to your manufacturing line. 

4. Simple Integration 

Buying the same product to replace your original equipment makes it easy to integrate into your manufacturing line. You'll save time, money, and energy by replacing your robots with refurbished substitutes rather than programming a new robot into your assembly. 

5. Easy Maintenance and Repair 

Your technicians won't have to spend time learning how to use and repair a different robot when you buy the same one used at a lower price. This lowers your risk for malfunctioning equipment, reduces downtime, and supports a smooth production process. 

Interested in buying used robots and manufacturing equipment?  

Check out our inventory today! From refurbished manufacturing robot arms to circuit boards to industrial 3D printersiGAM has the equipment you need. 


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